Google plus notification settings

Google plus notification settings

To make sure you know when something happens that involves you, Google+ new window creates notifications when events occur, such as when you’re tagged in a photo, have a post shared with you, or are added to a circle. You can receive notifications via email, SMS, and in the Google+ bar.

You can also view all your notifications from the Notifications page in Google+. Click the Stream icon , then click Notifications on the side of the page. To see notifications of just a specific kind, you can filter your notifications.

Notification settings

You can choose whether to receive email or SMS notifications. Email notifications will always be delivered to your primary email address.

To change your notification settings:

  1. Click your full name or email address in the Google+ bar.
  2. Click Account settings.
  3. Click Google+.
  4. Subscribe or unsubscribe by adding or removing a check mark next to each notification type.

If you choose not to receive email notifications when someone shares a post with you directly, you won’t ever receive this type of notification even when a sharer tries to alert you specifically via email.

You can also adjust your notification settings by following the link in any notification email you receive.

Notifications in the Google+ bar

When you receive a notification, the notification area in the Google+ bar will turn red and show the number of new notifications.

If you click the notification area in the Google+ bar, you’ll see a summary of your recent notifications. When you click a notification, a preview of the event that generated the notification will appear in the drop-down menu. You can take action on each notification right from the notifications menu, like commenting on a post or adding someone to a circle. To navigate between notification previews, click Newer and Older.

To view all your notifications click View all. To close the notifications menu, click the notification area in the Google+ bar again, or click outside of the notifications menu.

You can navigate in the notifications menu using keyboard shortcuts! When you’re viewing the summary of your notifications, use the J and K keys, or the right and left arrow keys to move between older and newer notifications when you’re viewing notification details.

Note: Notifications from Google+ Games will appear in the Google+ bar as well. If you have new notifications from Google+ Games, a single notification will apear in the list in the Google+ bar. Clicking this notification will show all of your recent new games notifications.

What to do when you receive an email notification

You can respond to email notifications in a variety of ways, depending on the event that triggered the notification:

  • You were added to a circle notification:
    • You can add that person to a circle by following the link in the notification.
  • Someone shared something with you or responded to your post:
    • You can comment on this post by following the link in the notification. You can also click Mute this post to no longer be alerted of future updates from the thread.
  • Someone tagged you in a photo:
    • If you have tags waiting to be confirmed, it means the photo currently has your name on it, but it’s not connected to your profile. Follow the link in the notification email to confirm the name tag and connect it to your profile. To adjust your tagging settings click Name tag settings in the notification.
  • In all email notifications, you can click Block to block the person who initiated the notification and you can click Change to modify your Google+ Notifications settings. You can click on any full name or profile picture to view the corresponding profile of people mentioned in the notification.

Set up SMS (text) notifications

To receive SMS (text) notifications when important Google+ events–like when something is shared with you–occur:

  1. Sign in to Google+ new window.
  2. Click your full name or email address in the Google+ bar.
  3. Click Account settings.
  4. Click Google+.
  5. Click Add phone number.
  6. Click Send verification code to verify you entered your phone number correctly.
  7. Enter the verification code and click Save.
  8. Select the notifications you want to receive via SMS.

Actions that create notifications

Certain actions in Google+ generate automatic notifications for your circles. For instance, individuals you interact with may choose to receive notifications when you:

  • Add them to a circle
  • Tag them in a photo
  • Share a post with them directly
  • Comment on one of their posts

You can check out the full list of actions that generate notifications by going to your notification settings.

Of course, if people in your circles don’t want to receive notifications from you or others, they can easily adjust their notification settings.

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Google plus notification settings
Google plus notification settings
Google plus notification settings
Google plus notification settings Google plus notification settings

Google plus notification settings

Google plus notification settings

Google plus notification settings

Google plus notification settings

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