Reshare a post in Google+ for Android devices

If you see an interesting post on the Home screen, you can reshare it with your circles. Touch a post that you’d like to reshare. Touch the reshare arrow at the top of the post To prevent someone from resharing one of your own posts, you can lock the post  using the desktop version of Google+. Note: The people you reshare the post with will see the name of the original poster and the content,...
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Create, edit and delete posts in Google+ for Android devices

Share your thoughts, photos, or location with posts in the Home screen. Add or remove people and circles from your individual posts to control who can see your posts. To create a post: Touch the share icon at the top of the screen. Select what type of content you’d like to share:You can always add text, photos or a location to your post after selecting any of these options. Share a thought Share...
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View and filter posts in Google+ for Android devices

View and filter posts Touch the icon in the top-left corner and select  Home to see all the content shared by people who are in your circles. Filter Home content by circle To filter your Home content and view content from a specific circle, touch the drop-down menu  at the top and select a circle. Default Home filter In additon to viewing content for a specific circle, youc an also switch to...
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Report a profile in Google+ for Android devices

Report a profile Report someone’s profile as abuse if you feel that it violates our Content and Conduct Policy . Visit the profile you need to report. Touch the  Options Menu* > Report Abuse. Select the reason you’re reporting the profile. Reporting abuse on a profile will immediately block the user. These reports will be reviewed as soon as possible, but we won’t personally...
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